Reverse Osmosis

Stop wasting money on bottled water.

Bottled water is tap water that’s been “purified” by a reverse osmosis filter system. It’s literally the same tap water that you get at home. Instead of paying someone else to purify your drinking water, simply install one of our high efficient drinking water systems and enjoy an unlimited supply of purified water for drinking, cooking and making ice for pennies a day in your own home.

Reduce the use of plastic

In the United States, only 10% of single use plastic water bottles get recycled and bottle caps are not recyclable because of the type of plastic used to make them. This means billions of single use water bottles end up in landfills every year and even worse, millions of bottles end up as litter spread out over our natural landscape. The amount of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean is absolutely disturbing. By installing  a high efficient reverse osmosis system in your home, you can prevent thousands of plastic bottles needing to be produced in the first place. You’ll also be saving money purifying your own water instead of paying someone else to do it for you.

My refrigerator already has a water filter.

Refrigerator filters contain small amounts of carbon to only remove chlorine and help with bad taste and odors. They typically hold an NSF 42 certification which means they offer no protection from inorganic contaminants and heavy metals like arsenic, uranium, chromium, fluoride, mercury and sulfates. On top of that, they have a very limited lifespan and are required to be changed every 3 months. This gets expensive, inconvenient and easily neglected. Properly filtering these contaminants requires a lot more than a simple fridge filter. The good news is our high efficient Red Rock Drinking Water Systems are NSF 58 certified to remove 96-97% of these contaminants and 99.99% of cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Why reverse osmosis from Red Rock?

We use the industry leading Pentair “gro” series thin layer composite (TLC) membranes. Standard R.O. membranes have a 3:1 ratio which means for every 3 gallons of waste water that goes down the drain, you get 1 gallon of purified drinking water. That ratio is only a 25% recovery of good water. The Pentair  “gro”  membrane features a 1:1 ratio which gives you 1 gallon of purified water with only 1 gallon of waste water.  No other residential reverse osmosis system has that accomplishment. Our systems also use 10” filter housings which is the industry standard for residential filtration. This means you are not bound to purchasing expensive “proprietary” replacement filters. Perfect for the DIY person that likes to maintain their own equipment. Contact us with any questions you may have. Nothing is ever too “silly” to ask. We want to make sure you’re confident in your investment and are fully educated in what you are buying.